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Top 5 gym machines Worth Using

Body-weight workouts and kettle bells are the most loved among the fitness freaks these days, Check Top 5 gym machines Worth Using for every fitness work. Exercise machines are slowly entering into the fitness routine of people and they are quite useful especially if you are a newbie in the fitness universe. Here’s are some […]

Misconceptions About Yoga

Yoga is being preached throughout the world, yet people have many misconceptions about Yoga. Due to these misconceptions people stay away from Yoga. A. The Yoga is related to a particular sect : Yoga was started in India by the hermits and ascetics. Many people consider that Yoga is related to the Hindu religion and […]

Advantages of Exercise

Walking, running, jumping and climbing are the basic skills of a human beings. He uses these skills again and again in his routine life and exercise is done naturally itself. Sometimes forceful and brisk activities are done to improve these skills, these activities are called exercises. The objective of exercise is to increase the pressure […]

Mayurasana or Peacock Pose

MAYURASANA STEPS This asana needs to be executed on  floor. There will have to be no carpet or any sheet spread on the ground. 1. Stand upright with the legs collectively. Jump unfold the legs aside so that there may be 12 inches between the ft. Elevate the palms, interlace the fingers and turn the arms upwards. […]

Yoga Nidrasana

Yoga nidrasana or Yogic Sleep Pose is the Famous one performed by all Age Groups.On this asana, following the krama, take the shoulders (that’s, the hands) on both the left and proper facets excessive of the two thighs, and hold the correct wrist tightly with the fingers of the left hand underneath the backbone.


Feathered Peacock Pose is to Stregthen the Arm, Shoulder and Back. Picha mayurasana is the Yoga pose in a Tropical Locale. Pincha Mayurasana Steps 1. Kneel on the bottom. Now position the forearms on the bottom in front parallel to each other and about 12 inches apart. The elbows must be about 12 inches in […]