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Home Remedies Back Pain Relief

back pain remedies

Back Pain Relief with utilising Wheat, Coriander (Dhaniya) powder, Cuscus (Khas) Powder and Milk Take 50-60 gms of wheat and dip in water overnight in the morning filter the water and put wheats in a mixer mix 2 teaspoon coriander of powder Add 2 teaspoon cuscus powder Grind to make a paste Take 250 ml […]


sports benefits life

Games help a child to grow and develop physically. He becomes active and smart. During the physical activity of playing games the old cells are broken. To repair these cells, the heart has to beat faster and supply pure blood to them. In this process his respiration also improves and the lungs get more oxygen […]

Sports injuries Causes and Treatment

Injuries are common things in human life. There is a little risk of injury during work. If there is minor mistake or negligence, there can be injury. Similarly, players receive injuries in the playground. Though players remain very careful in the playground, they receive injuries. There is difference between the injuries we receive during the […]

Bent neck Reasons and Treatment

Bent neck Reasons and Treatment

When the muscles on one side of the neck become weak and loose (sagging) and those of the other side shrink, the neck turns on one side. REASONS FOR BENT NECK a. Making the infant lie on one side for long hours. b. Carrying the child only on one side. c. Having weak eye-sight on […]

Deformities of the chest

Deformities of the chest

The deformities of the chest are like these : 1. Depression in the chest. 2. Pigeon shaped chest. 3. Flat chest These deformities can occur even at a very young age.Depression in the chest is caused by a depression in the bone. Pigeon shaped chest has slightly raised bones while flat chest has ribs which […]

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