This Dad Trolls her Daughter by Recreating her Selfies

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Every parent Cares for their kid but this Dad is Something Different for his Young Daughter.Instead of telling his daughter to stop posting sexy selfies on Instagram, This Father Chris Burr Martin thought of something better by Recreating her Selfies in his Style and Now he is More popular on Instagram then his Daughter.Check Some of the best Recreations of 48-year-old Washington-based father and he also managed to comically shame his daughter Cassie by these Selfies.

Please Tell us the number 1 Picture you like this most.

#1. dad-recreates-daughter-pose

#2. dad-recreates-daughter-poses

#3. dad-recreates-daughter-selfie-cassie-martin

#4. dad-recreates-daughter-selfie

All the Pictures taken from Chris Burr Martin instagram Account and We Dont hold any Copyrights Over them.


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