Tips to Dress According to Body Type

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Females Want to Look beautiful But they Must wear a Dress According to the Body type For the best Looks. We buy Dresses According to Our Color Choices, Fashion Styles and Trends. But Most of the Females end up buying the Wrong Clothes. As a Girl You must buy the Dresses According to Your Body Type, Because Only then Clothing will add an Extra Star to Your Beauty. Everyone has a Different physique and All the body Structures need Different Styling too. Every Body Type Doesn’t suited to every fashion style or Clothing. When You choose a Dress According to Your Body Fit then You feel more comfortable and confident. So Always wear clothing that suit your body shape and Enhance Your Beauty. Below are tips to Choose a Dress According to Your Body type.


1. Most of the Women With Curves Want to look Sensous. The curvatures around your chest and hips add Up to Your Beauty. If You want to showcase your natural curvatures then wear Skinny Jeans, Fit jackets. Girls With Curves Looks Beautiful in pencil Skirts and Off the Shoulder Tops.

2. Women With Apple body Shape Must Choose the Best Clothing line to Suit them. Here are Some Dressing tips For Apple Shaped Body Females. All of You Must Avoid baggy Clothings and Wear Straight leg pants with Ruching Tops.

3. Athletic Body Type females must look for Clothing to add more Curves to their body. Here are Some Dressing tips For Athletic Body Type Girls. Women With Athletic Body must avoid Plain Clothes and Should wear more High Waist Jeans and Sleeveless Shirt to Look Beautiful.

4. Pear Shaped Body Type Women have to Dress Accordingly as their Body bottom is heavy then the top. Check Dressing tips For Pear Shaped Body Girls and We hope You All Will Get benefits out of these Tips.Bright Colored Tops and Dark Colored pants are the Best Combination Dresses For the pear Body Shape.

5. Females with Hour Glass Body Shape must go with the Dreses that are Tight From the Waist Area and Make an Extra Flare out from the Hip area.

Every Girl Looks Beautiful But the proper Clothing Adds and Extra Mark to it. So Why not Wear the Right Cloth and Enhance the Beauty. We hope these Simple Dressing Tips For Different Body types Will help You All. These specific styles Quoted For Different Shapes Will make your body type look Best. So Determine your body shape and dress Accordingly ! Cheers From Beautynama


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