Tips to Make Your Bones Strong

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bones strong

Stronger Bones lead to Strong Health. Our Body is a Mix of Bones and Skin, We have to keep them healthy for a Beautiful Life ahead.Here are things to promote your bones to keep them strong throughout your life.

Build calcium in your early stage of life

By storing calcium and related minerals at a young age, you can protect the phase of weak and brittle bones and joints when you grow old.

Slow or stop bone loss

Men and women tend to lose minerals after the age of 35 years. Hence, the consumption of calcium along with other minerals becomes essential to maintain your bone and joint health.

Use minerals that aid in the absorption of calcium

Minerals, such as boron, manganese, copper and other trace minerals play a vital role in the absorption and storage of calcium in bones. So, the intake of calcium along with other minerals is necessary.

Exercise for stronger bones

With age our bones tend to become weak and fragile – a condition called osteoporosis. It often arises in women after menopause and in men during their old age. The disease puts people at a greater risk for broken bones, which can seriously limit mobility and independence. Regular exercising along with the intake of essential minerals can together strengthen your joints and bones even into the golden years of your life.


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