Advantages of Exercise

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Walking, running, jumping and climbing are the basic skills of a human beings. He uses these skills again and again in his routine life and exercise is done naturally itself. Sometimes forceful and brisk activities are done to improve these skills, these activities are called exercises. The objective of exercise is to increase the pressure of blood in the body. There is a deep relationship between exercise and health. We can easily judge about the health of a person who does exercise and the person who does not exercise. There are many Advantage of exercise, some of them are given as following :-

1. Muscles of the body become strong and flexible by doing exercise, which increases the physical capacity of a
2. Lungs contract and expand vigorously during exercise.Carbon di-oxide is exhaled in more quantity due to quick
contraction and expansion of the lungs and more of oxygen is inhaled in the body. Blood is purified in this
process and capacity of the lungs increases.
3. Heart becomes healthy with exercise. There is increase in the capacity of the heart and arteries become stronger.
A man who does exercise remains safe from heart attack.
4. There is improvement in the digestive system of a person due to exercise. He feels hungry at the right time, food
is digested properly and new blood is produced in the body.
5. Heat is produced in the body while doing exercise and perspiration is caused. Impurities are expelled from the
body. Skin becomes clear and the body remains healthy.
6. Exercise removes deformity of the body and one gets rid of joint problem.
7. New cells and new blood is produced in the body. There is increase in the white blood cells and body becomes
strong enough to fight against diseases.
8. Exercise makes a man’s overall body healthier, it enhances his life. Aging is delayed. His mental and
physical health remains good.
9. There is a famous saying that ‘An idle brain is a Devil’s workshop’. When a person remains idle, he always
thinks about wrong things. But, if his idle time is utilized in playing and taking exercise in the playground, his
health remains good and he is away from evil thoughts.
10. Extra fat of body is burned through exercise. A man’s body becomes healthy, active and stout

Courtesy : Punjab Government