Beginners guide to healthy weight loss

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Looking for Weight loss Tips, We Have Some more Articles About that But Today We are giving Out a Guide to healthy Weight loss. Here are our 4 not-so-common tips to keep you motivated, fit and healthy. We Hope beautynama Will Help You in Your Weight loss Sessions, Just keep it going and Check these Basics.

1. Water is your only beverage

Fan of juices, milk or any other low-calorie beverage? Skip them despite them being ‘marketed’ healthy. Recent studies prove that by doing this, you are twice as likely to lose 5% of your bodyweight.

2. Pop fish oil daily

Taking fish oil regulates metabolism, and also the part of your brain that controls emotions. This means you are high on motivation and likely to stick to your diet plans.
It also supports increased fat burning.

3. Starchy carbohydrates only after strength training

If leaning is on your list, drastically lower your carb intake. But post-gym, starchy carbs can help. That’s because they help in releasing insulin. And it is this that tells your fat cells to grab onto those carbohydrates and store them as energy for future use. This leads to better recovery, allowing you to perform better in your next gym session.

4. Schedule a bedtime

8 hours of sleep at night is a must. When you tend to sleep lesser than that, your hormones go hay-wire. Your body secretes more ghrelin (that makes you more hungry) and less leptin (that signals your brain to stop eating). Sleeping less will not only make you hungrier, but make you eat more than you need.


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