Dark chocolate Health Benefits : Helps lose weight or Its a Hoax

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There many Dark Choclates Available in Market With Some Cocoa Rich and Some of others are just Dark because of the added Colours. Some Say Good-quality dark chocolate Give us health benefits of most leafy green vegetables, Is it True :O . Even I am Not 100% Convinced with this, On other Side I know dark chocolate rich in Cocoa can help lower your blood pressure and The flavonoids present in the dark chocolate help reduce insulin resistance and thus helps to prevent spikes in blood-sugar levels. So there are many health benefits of eating dark Chocolate, But I am looking for Specific benefits Like Loosing Weight by eating Dark Chocolate 😛

Yes Dark chocolate help weight loss but You have to keep Certains things in Mind. Eating much of these Dark Chocolates is not even good for overall health, So you can Use them at a Certain percentage on Some days in a Week only.

Dark chocolate reduces weight and Here is How

Dark-chocolate-weight-loss1. Dark chocolate make changes in body to how it synthesizes fatty acids and it reduce the digestion and absorption of fats and carbohydrates. This lowers your Craving for more food and Hence your tummy feels full , So you can eat dark chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cacao.

2. Dark chocolate enhance your sense of well-being and you tend to eat less when your body is in healthy state.

3. Flavonoids, powerful antioxidants present in the dark chocolate lowers down the bad cholesterol and high blood pressure in the Body and Make it more fit.

4. According to Some Studies, A single serving of dark chocolate ( with at least 80% cocoa) + standard low-carb diet helps you to lose weight faster.



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