Health Benefits Of KapalBhati Pranayama Breathing Exercise

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Health Benefits KapalBhati Pranayama

kapalbhati pranayam a form in Yoga of deep breathing with Numerous health benefits for your mind and body.”Kapal” means forehead and “bhati” means shining. So this Yoga Exercise Will bring glow on your face.Kapalbhati pranayama breathing technique helps in mind detoxification and purification ( de-stressing tool ). This Pranayam got Famous with the hard work of Baba Ramdev. Breathing Exercise is Good for respiratory system and the abdominal muscles, Daily Performing of Breathing Exercises helps us to tone out our musculature with enhanced body tone.

Health Benefits KapalBhati Pranayama

How to Do Kapalbhati Pranayama Steps
1. Sit on the floor with folded legs. keep your back as straight as possible.
2. Close Your Eyes, Keep the right palm on right knee and left palm on left knee.
3. Take Deep Breaths with Focus on “exhaling” and take breath inside normally.
4. kapalbhati pranayam Focus on Exhale process which contract the abdomen muscles with each exhalation.
5. Repeat kapalbhati pranayam steps for 5-10 minutes daily for the healthy body.

Kapalbhati Pranayama Benefits on Health
1. This Exercise oxygenate the human body and strengthen up the muscles of stomach and abdomen.
2. It improves lungs and other respiratory system, upbring digestion.
3. Kapalbhati improves blood circulation in the body, Improves the function of pancreas and helps relax facial muscles and nerves.
4. It also rejuvenates tired cells, Remove Toxins from the Body thus helping in reducing wrinkles and good for skin care
5. Kapalbhati Pranayama Benefits in weight loss program as it is very Helpful in reducing Belly fat.

kapalbhati pranayama side effects

You Must Avoid doing this Pranayama if you are with medical history of high blood pressure, hernia or any type of heart disease. It is not even Good for people with abdominal ulcers . You must Do Kapalbhati after proper consultation with your Doctor and always Do this Under instructions of qualified yoga instructor.


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