Mayurasana or Peacock Pose

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Mayurasana Peacock Pose


This asana needs to be executed on  floor. There will have to be no carpet or any sheet spread on the ground.
1. Stand upright with the legs collectively. Jump unfold the legs aside so that there may be 12 inches between the ft. Elevate the palms, interlace the fingers and turn the arms upwards. Stretch the physique and the hands. Inhale.
2. Whilst exhaling, scale back the trunk with the aid of bending the physique at the hips. Keep the fingers stretched. When the hands are near the ground, the fingers are freed, the arms became downwards and positioned between the feet firmly on the ground, the finger pointing in the direction of the again and the little fingers touching each and every other. The legs should be saved stretched and the knees must no longer be bent. The backbone should be saved stretched and as straight as viable.
3. Inhale and raise the top.
4. Exhale, bend the pinnacle, spread, the elbows for the passage of the head and situation the
head between the knees.
5. Inhale, raise the top and come back to the function in step (three)
6. Take a few deep breaths.
7. While inhaling, leap back with both toes, in order that the navel may be above the
elbows, when the legs are stretched in the back of. The legs touch each and every different, stretched with the toes pointed and the back of the toes resting on the ground. The elbows are placed firmly on the both facet of the navel, and the elbows stored as near to each other as feasible.
8. Slowly inhale, the inhalation should be only to half the extent that used to be being performed for the duration of the prior deep respiration, and move the body forward via about three inches, so that the physique assumes the role of a horizontal plank. The legs are to be stored stretched, the knees collectively and the toes pointed. Head should be raised up.
Word: The final function prescribed above is probably not possible within the starting levels. The ft will have to be raised only about an inch within the beginning stages of apply, and the peak lifted slowly improved as apply advances.
9. Breathe in and breathe out in a regulated manner but without a retention of breath.
10. Whilst inhaling, cut down the legs.
11. At the same time inhaling, leap forward and carry the toes on both side of the arms and
while inhaling existence the head to the function in step (three).
12. While exhaling, bend the head, widen the elbows and situation the head between the knees.
13. While inhaling, life head and reach the position as in step (3).
14. Carry the trunk and with a soar deliver the legs collectively and reach a role as at the
starting of the asana.


I. This prevents all diseases touching on the liver and spleen.
II. This asana improves digestion.

Note : This asana should not be done by people suffering from excessive fats, breathing problem/blood pressure/kidney complaint.

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