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height weight BMI calculator

You must know the best weight according to height in kg. If You Want to Know What Is Your Ideal Weight According To Your Height then You are reading the Right Article.You can use the Height Weight chart to check if you have the right weight according to your height or You need to Shed Some pounds. You can also use the BMI healthy weight calculator. Medical experts states that the weight never goes in the same direction as health. Healthy People are leaner and Unhealthy ones are fatter with more weight. The fat on the belly is not a Good sign for anybody’s health as it can create many health problems, especially blood pressure, heart Problems etc. Increase in Weight Leads to Cholesterol problems and People generally Loose out their Stamina.

height weight BMI calculator
To determine the ideal body weight Body Mass Index is the most popular technique these days. But Even this Formula Fails Sometime Because Some people are lean Physically because of Some other Issues. To get a Weight According to Your Height You Should Follow a Healthy Diet with Regular Exercise. When you lose some weight by dieting then Firstly you will lose the muscle mass. So Dieting is Not a Good Option to loose Weight, Always Concentrate on Exercises to Stay Fit. The chart below will show you how much weight you should actually have and How Much You have to Shed with Proper Exercise and Healthy Food.

Height to Weight Ratio Chart


We are Giving out the Elaborative Chat For the Ideal Weight According to the Height. This Chart is in Two Different Categories, One for men and Another for Women. We Have to Categorize the Height to Weight Ratio Chart Because of the Different Type of Body Structures and Other Factors. Share the Chart With Your Friends too and let them Know If they are Healthy or Not.


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