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Feathered Peacock Pose is to Stregthen the Arm, Shoulder and Back. Picha mayurasana is the Yoga pose in a Tropical Locale.

Pincha Mayurasana Steps

1. Kneel on the bottom. Now position the forearms on the bottom in front parallel to each other and about 12 inches apart. The elbows must be about 12 inches in entrance of the knees. The fingers with fingers stretched and shut together must be touching the ground.
2. Raise the head. Carry the knees somewhat from the bottom. Inhale deeply, preserve the breath, jump and take the legs above, in order that the body is balanced on the forearms. Unfold the legs. The legs are bent backward so that the leg is in the form of a bow.
3. Go the legs as in Padmasana. Take one or two deep breaths. There should be no retention of breath. The eyes will have to gaze on the midpoint of the attention brows.
4. Unlock the crossed legs, bend the legs and physique backwards so that the ft touch the ground and the body types an arch. Carry the elbows and stretch the hands.
5. From this position, by using jumping, bring the legs over the head and position the feet so that they lie halfway between the hands. Stretch the legs, bend the head so that the forehead may contact the knees.
6. Even as inhaling, lifestyles the trunk and fingers and attain the standing posture.
This combines each the asana and its counter pose, as doing the counter pose immediately after the asana is very foremost.


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