How to stretch Your Body without injuring yourself

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Body Stretch is a Quick Warmup and Most of the Gym Lovers Do Basic Stretches over the time. As You Move with time you get better with few exercises in the Gym. As you transcend from a beginner to an intermediate or advanced level, there are times you tend to perform your basic stretches incorrectly. How about we refresh those tips for you?

Quadriceps stretch

Lay down on the stomach with your thighs together. Reach back and gently pull one ankle toward your buttocks until you feel a stretch. Repeat with the other ankle.

Hamstring stretch

Put one of your feet up on a high bar and lock your leg out. Then elongate your back, try and touch your head to your knee. This stretches your hamstring at both the joints.

Calf stretch

Stand on an elevated floor, like a raised platform or a staircase. Get on the edge of the floor where you can let your heels go as far down as possible. Then stretch to the limit and lean forward.

Lat stretch

This is easy to perform. Hang from a pull-up bar with straps for just 60 seconds.

Biceps stretch

Clasp your hands together behind your back. Keep your arms straight and fingers interlaced. Raise your arms until you feel a stretch. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds.

Chest stretch

Lie on your back on a flat surface. Spread your arms wide, to the side. Finally, arch your back and push out your shoulders as far as possible. You could also use dumbbells to add extra weight. Hold this stretch for 40 seconds.

Shoulder/ triceps stretch

Take a hand towel in one arm and raise your arm such that your elbow is roughly behind your head. With the other arm, pull the towel toward the floor to feel a stretch in your shoulder. Make sure your keep your head straight throughout.


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