Ways to Relieve Post-Workout Pain and sore muscles

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Always think twice before rushing out of the training room or ending your training session without warming or cooling down. This is as dangerous as failure to warm up before any rigorous activities. These are the two primary reasons why many people experience sore and stiff muscles. During exercises, the muscles experience micro tears because of stretching and stress caused by the workout. The micro tears are responsible for muscle development. They are therefore essential for building muscles. However, these micro tears need to be given a chance to heal before you can progress with exercises or take another step like adding weight, increasing intensity or frequency of training. You need to give the muscles some time to recoup. This does not necessarily mean that you abandon training until the tears and muscles recoup. You need to exercise a bit so as to give the muscles time to heal. Here are common tips to help you reduce muscle pains irrespective of the cause of the pain.

Cures For Sore Muscles after workout That Really Work

1. Self-massage to ease muscle pain after exercise

Some research has shown that people that take on massage after work out or when they feel that they have sore and stiff muscles to attain some natural pain relieving effect. At least ten minutes of effective massage enhance the creation of energy creators on the cell walls. The energy creators work on the micro tears enhancing healing and reducing muscle pains. Massage or rolling out on a ball or roller helps to ease adhesion and knots and thus reducing inflammation. These knots could cause an imbalance in the entire body that could result in even more dangerous injuries with far reaching effects. Massage also helps to correct any fluid imbalance in the muscles and helps achieve flexibility and mobility with time.

2. Heat it up or ice it down

Many doctors consider using heat on patients to correct issues with muscle spasms and soreness. This is an excellent remedy for such issues that have been there for some time. However, fresh soreness and stiff muscles that come as a result of the workout should be treated by icing. This is because inflammations may accompany such problems. Heating them up may just end up making the inflammations worse. Ice is an excellent remedy for inflammation. It contains a soothing effect and relaxes the muscles reducing inflammation. Ice also helps to delay the onset of soreness, especially after workout sessions. It, therefore, helps reduce muscle pains after a workout tips.

3. Keep Moving

After vigorous exercising, there is a buildup of lactic acid in the cells of the muscles. This is the leading cause of after training pains and muscle soreness. Involving the body and especially the affected muscles help to flush out the lactic acid. This helps in relaxing the muscles by stretching the stiff muscles. This would do a lot better than just sitting and doing nothing after exercising. However, be keen to listen to your body and if you are in a lot of pain, do not stress your muscles more. Take a rest and try other remedies like a massage.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Foods in Your Diet to Relieve Sore Muscles and Muscle Pain After Exercise

For the anti-inflammatory effect, you do not have to look very far. Proteins and fats will help in repairing the micro tears in your muscles. Protein is the main building block and works fast to repair the muscles. You, therefore, do not need to pack your diet with anti-inflammatory foods and drinks.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is good for the body. Making it a routine to have a consistent sleep and wake up time achieves somebody balance and rhythm. When you are asleep, the body is immobile. Oxygen circulation is, therefore, perfect and this helps the muscles to recover from tears and soreness. Sleep is an excellent remedy for all types of joint . For those people that do not have enough time to sleep, the advice is that they should have a bedtime routine. Inconsistent sleep times may not help with muscle recovery.

6. Drink up after workout to Relieve Sore Muscles

Water is not only essential when working out. In fact, all body systems and functions require a lot of water. Therefore, maintaining a well-hydrated body is a sure way of keeping the body healthy and reducing muscle pains. Water is essential and a requirement in sweat and saliva production. In men, it is important and determines a lot on sperm count. Water will also aid in proper blood circulation and prevents clotting of blood in the blood vessels. The recommended water glass count for men is thirteen glasses and eight glasses for women.

7. Stick it

The body is designed and built in a way that different muscles help each other. You can, therefore, inhibit an overworked muscle and allow other muscles to work on its behalf. This is achieved by sticking the worked out muscles with a Kinesio tape. This will give your overworked muscle time to relax, but still go on with your daily activities.

Watch your workout postures to minimize chances of injury. Consult your trainer on the best postures that will help you avoid muscle injuries. There are several amazing ways to help in the reduction of muscle pains as mentioned above and they include taking a lot of fluids, getting adequate sleep and taking foods that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Home Remedies For Relieving Muscle Pain



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