Basic HairStyle Tips For Immediate Styling


Here are some Hair Style tips that you can follow to style your hair.
1. Use a comb to get all of your hair to your head crown then turn the edges towards the back of your head by French twisting them, out the pin in its right place and here you go, a nice looking retro style.
2. To make your hair curly, divide your hair into three sections and then with the help of your finger tips, hold them and apply a little bit of hair curl cream according to the hair type, after that use the curl machine. Oh! then see the mirror and you’ll see the curl in your hairstyle.
3. Push your front hair in one side and take the rest hair in your hands and make a high pony tail then wrap your ponytail leaving one piece behind for the next wrap. Then put some pins on to make it strong.

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4. After washing your hair, let the hair dry for some time then push your hair on one side and on the back of your ear.
5. Create a very loose pony tail loop and let your hair drop on one side, then into the side of the bun push two pins.
6. Give your hair a rough texture with your fingers, give them a noisy shape by applying the drier, divide the long tail in three sections and out the pins in.
7. First apply some styling mousse to your hair to make them a little bit wet and then shape them and use the dryer, use your fingers and the hair dryer to give your hair an extra push to the crown.
8. Put the pony on all of your hairs and spray them with a styling mousse then stick the styling band on your hair from hairline.
9. Straighten your hair for this specific style very carefully and don’t forget to iron the bangs.
10. Straighten your hair and put a pin on the front section and spray it with some gel then place the pins on the opposite of your straighten hair.
We hope You all Will Love Basic hairstyle tips by beautynama. We Will Post Some Elaborative Articles For Different Hairstyles Soon.

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