Best Home Remedies to Treat and Prevent Grey Hair

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Premature Grey hairs is a Big Dent on Our Overall Beauty, Every one of us want to keep ourselves young and Beautiful however no person can stop the float of time. Wrinkled SKin and greying of hair are the two most evident signs of aging. If You have Premature grey hairs then You can take some treatment to Stop the thing but with age Hair greying is a common procedure. Generally Hair turns gray when the physique stops producing the pigment melanin that is accountable for the dark color of our human hairs. Typically, this thing happens as a result of lack of nourishment in our overall diet.It is great to treat problems of skin Firstly and then try some home treatments to cut down hair greying.

Main Reasons of Greying of Hair

grey hairs remediesThere are several causes of hair greying but Heredity is one of the fundamental reason behind hair greying. Immoderate use of tobacco and smoking, continual emotional stress, Lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet, clinical conditions such as anemia, tuberous sclerosis, hypothyroidism, and neurofibromatosis are the Other Causes behind Greying of Hairs.

Today We Will Talk About some Home remedies to prevent the Grey hairs, and We Hope all these Will help you out to overcome this thing.


Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil therapeutic massage

Take 1 cup coconut oil with handful of Curry leaves & Heat them and let them Turn Black. Now Strain the Oil and Massage on your hair Scalp. These curry leaves have powerful advantages for hair and it restores the capabilities of the traditional pigment in the hair follicles that supplies a shining black color to the hair strands and prevents further greying of hair.Curry leaves Being a wealthy supply of beta-carotene, it stimulates hair development and prevents hair fall.On other side coconut oil benefits for hair and skin are countless, It act as ordinary conditioner for dry hairs and makes hair lustrous, bouncy and manageable.

Amla and Fenugreek pack for Grey hairs

Take some pieces of Dried Amla with 1 Tablespoon Fenugreek Powder with ½ Cup Coconut Oil. Heat up the oil first and add the amla portions to it and add the fenugreek powder to the oil after 3-4 minutes. After 5 minutes Let it cool and strain the oil seprately. Now you can apply this on scalp and hair before going to bed. Rinse off your hairs with moderate herbal shampoo in the morning. Amla Being wealthy in antioxidants, vitamin C has robust anti-aging properties that helps in preventing untimely greying of hairs. Fenugreek powder rich in Iron, potassium and alkaloids have powerful advantages for hairs and also prevents untimely greying of hairs.

Lemon Juice and Almond Oil Massage to treat hair greying

Mix 2 Tablespoon Almond Oil with 3 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice to make a Mix and apply this fully on scalp and hair for 30 minutes and wash off .Being wealthy in antioxidants, vitamin E, The almond oil is highly useful for hairs and it prevents premature greying of hair by nourishing the roots of the hair. On other side Lemon is a rich in phosphorus that promotes hair development and adds shine to the hair strands.

Black Tea Massage for Hair

Take 2 tablespoons Black Tea Powder and 1 Teaspoon Salt and Boil the two ingredients for 2 minutes. After cool down strain out the Liquid and Wash your hairs with this and let Hair strands and Roots soak it for 30 minutes. After that you can rinse off hairs with any Mild Shampoo.Black tea has best advantages for hairs as it is Loaded with antioxidants and caffeine. This black tea massage for hairs stimulates hair development and adds a natural darkish hue to your hair and adds a typical shine to it.

Onion and Lemon Juice Pack for Hairs

Take 3 Teaspoon of Onion Juice and 2 Teaspoon of Lemon Juice, Mix these two ingredients and practice on scalp and hair evenly. Leave the mix on for half-hour and then afterwards you can wash off with a mild herbal shampoo. This is a crucial powerful grey hair home remedy that help in preventing premature greying of hair. Onion fulfill the deficiency of antioxidant catalase and deposition of hydrogen peroxide within the hair roots Thus help in restoring the average colour of the hair strands. On other Side, Lemon juice adds a healthful shine to hair and prevents immoderate oiliness of hair.

Curry leaves Buttermilk hair Pack

Take handful of Curry leaves and 1/4th Cup of Buttermilk. Crush the curry leaves and add the buttermilk to it, mix well and observe this thick paste on your scalp and hair. This is a Home remedy for treating premature gray hair. Lactic acid in butter milk acts as a common conditioner for hair and increases the smoothness of hairs.

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Rosemary and Sage Grey hair Treatment

Take Half cup dried Rosemary and half Cup Sage and Boil them 2 cups of water and start boiling the combination. Strain the liquid out of mixture and Apply on scalp and hairs. Wash off hairs after 30 minutes with a slight natural shampoo.Rosemary is good for hair development and improves the pigmentation system of hair, thereby stopping untimely hair greying.On other side Sage additionally helps in preventing the untimely greying of hair, and it additionally acts as a typical relief for fighting cellulite. You can Repeat this home remedy 2 to 3 times per week to get darkish, shining hair.

Ribbed Gourd for Grey hair treatment

Take I cup Ribbed Gourd pieces and 1 Cup of Coconut Oil.Soak down the portions of dried gourd in coconut oil for three days. Heat up the pieces of the gourd and Oil for 6 minutes, pressure and Strain down the oil and store it in a container. Now give a Therapeutic massage to your scalp with this oil before going to bed. This potent traditional medication of Gourd for grey hair used Widely as ti restore the average levels of the pigment melanin in the hair roots that aid in preventing greying of hair.

Shikakai hair Cleanser to Stop premature greying

Take 4-5 Shikakai Pods and Make the Powder of them and add this in ½ Cup sour Curd. Now apply this paste on hairs and Let it there for 20 minutes.Shikakaiacts as a natural shampoo for cleansing hair and it stimulates hair progress, prevents hair fall . This home remedy prevents immoderate dryness of the scalp and stop the premature greying.

Amaranth Juice Pack for grey hairs

Take 2 Cups Fresh Amaranth Leaves and extract the juice from the leaves.Apply this juice on scalp and hairs and Let it dry for 30 minutes. Afterward you can rinse it good with water.Amaranth has capabilities as an mighty typical grey hair cure ingredient. The juice extracted from the leaves of amaranth include a exact enzyme that helps in making improvements to the level of melanin that forestalls premature greying of hair and in addition restores the average black colour to gray hair strands.