Egg yolk mask for Hair Growth Benefits

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egg yolk hair mask benefits

Egg yolks are rich in lethicin, Provide Numerous hair benefits by acting as a moisturizing emulsifier for the Hair strands.Eggs used as part of many natural remedies for hair treatment since ages. Egg yolks Act as a hair serum or hair fortifier because of high sulfur content thats fortifies the strands di-sulphide bonds to strengthen roots.Many people use Egg yolk deep conditioner for hairs to add more shine to the hairs.

Keratin found Between the eggshell and egg white is the protein membrane to boost the Hair Growth. We can make Several hair masks by Egg yolks to get hair a wonderful shine for the strands. Egg Yolk contains the protein (amino acids carboxylic acid and amine) that makes up our hair. Yolks naturally replenish the hair strands.

egg yolk hair mask benefits

Protein in egg yolk for hair Growth Benefits

In Egg yolk there are amino acids from groups of amine and carboxylic acid. keratin not found in the Egg Yolks, But Protein Between the eggshell and egg white is a transparent protein membrane partially made of the same keratin that makes up our hair. So it is all good to use the egg yolk for hair care.

Egg yolk mask For Hairs

1. Add some Essential Oil in the Egg Yolk and Make a Thick paste. ( Take amla oil for best Results )
2. Now Apply the Hair Mask and leave it for 20 minutes, This Mask will be Sticky because it contains oil part.
3. Wash the hairs With Cold Water and Never use hot water, Because it will cook up the eggs on your hairs.
4. Now Apply a Good hair conditioner to nourish your hairs.

You can also mix Egg Yolk and Lime Juice to treat the ongoing Hair Loss. Egg yolk Natural remedy with lime Juice actually slows down thinning of hairs.Egg yolks is Protein Rich as it contain other essential vitamins like A,D, E, B9, B12, B6, K etc. Egg yolk also contain Minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus etc. There are Various saturate, mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated fats found in eggs too.


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