Improve Hair Health and Natural Color With This Homemade Remedy

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hair health natural remedy

Hairs are Part of our personality, Good Healthy hairs Will add a Lot to Your Beauty and Appearance. Greyish hair with Frizzy looks are not Good. Now You can Make this homemade mixture to improve the Hair health and Turn white hair to its natural color. You Just have to use this homemade Remedy and Get the Natural Color of Your hairs Back without Using any dye on your hairs. As We Know There are hundreds of Dye Products for Hairs are Available in the Market. Most of them claim that they turn white hairs into Black but all of them are Chemicals Based. Most of the hair dyes available in the mark will do harm to hair health. Excessive Usage of Hair Dye will damage your hairs for longer period. Some People Use henna as Natural Hair Dye, Which is Even Good For hair health. So Now You can Use the natural Homemade remedy for the Hairs and Dump these Hair Dyes.This One ingredient based Homemade Dye and Hair Health recipe will help you with white hairs and Increase the Strength of Your hairs. For Proper hair growth You can Also use Coconut Olive oil Hair Serum, it Will also Give You beneficial Results.

hair health natural remedy

Hair Health and Natural Color Homemade Remedy

Firstly Peel 4-5 potatoes and Boil all these Peels in a pot. Just cool it enough afterwards and strain it and pour the water in another container. Add Some Essential oil (rosemary or lavender) in this Water. Now Wash Your Hairs with Normal Water and Then massage with this Homemade remedy.Leave for 10 minutes and then Wash it off with luke warm water . With Regular usage You will be amazed by the results. Hair Health Will Improve and The Color of Hairs will be back to natural one.


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