Magical homemade serum for hair Growth

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homemade hair serum

Have Tried Hair serum products For growth or Not ?. It is a hair care solution which Stimulates the hair Growth and makes them more shiny. Now You can make a Simple Serum at home to Regenerates Your Hair And Simulates Hair Growth. Serum Products Available in the market are Chemical based and they are not good for hair Future.
homemade hair serum

Ingredients Of Serum For hair Growth :

1 tbps of organic cold-pressed olive oil
½ cup of cold pressed coconut oil
4 drops of rosemary oil
4 drops of tea tree oil

Warm coconut oil and mix the olive oil in it. Now Mix Rosemary and tea tree oil in it to make a homogeneous mixture.This serum will do scalp stimulation.Firstly Wash Your hairs with gentle shampoo and Then Apply this serum in dry hairs and cover with shower cap. After 30 minutes you can rinse off the hairs, For better results Repeat the application of this hair serum twice a week. Coconut oil stimulates hair growth overall and enhances the shine & strength of hair. Coconut oil content lauric acid produces extreme oxidative stress.

  • Coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair roots, Nourish them Well.
  • Tea tree oil will help to provide a dandruff free hair and anti-itching effect too.
  • The rosemary oil stimulates hair growth
  • Olive oil should make your hair extra-long.

This magical hair serum is the most effective agent for scalp stimulation.Hair Serum Provides best hairs by smoothing dry, frizzy, and unruly hair. Use this Serum to make Your hair grow naturally.All the ingredients in this homemade hair serum are best for hair health. If Anyone of You using this, then please Give below your hair serum reviews to Provide us feedback. Hair care solution like this serum stops hair from getting tangled. We Will post more articles Related to Hair growth in Upcoming days.


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