Natural Home Made Hair Dye With Henna

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If You Dont Want Chemical Hair Dye products Available in the Market. Then make a Natural Home Made Hair Dye For Yourself. Now With henna You can Color your hairs naturally without using any Color dye Product. So It is the time to ditch chemical salon solutions now and Try this DIY do it yourself naturally. People use Naturals Like coffee, black tea to get darker hairs. On other Side Veggies like Beet and carrot juice can help You get blonde colors. Henna mix with Lemon Juice is even more popular to make DIY dye. Always Mix Henna Properly to Get a Natural Hair Color.

The Chemical based Hair Dye’s are Harmful for the Scalp and Hairs.Ammonia content of the hair colors are toxic. Use natural hair dye without any side effects. So Watch the Video below and This natural hair dye would cover your hair roots and give you nice grey coverage.


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