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hair conditioning

It was launched by tresemme in their VOLUME CONTROL Range. They suggested conditioning your hair before shampooing precisely in that range. Now if you think about it, conditioner generally weighs the volume down of your hair and eventually makes your hair tend to grease a bit earlier than usual. The method of reverse conditioning solves that problem. You don’t have to use the Tresemme Volume Control range for that purpose. Each and every conditioner available in the market has same basic composition of ingredients with a just a product or two distinct. What this method does is it conditions your hair, bring the shine and silkiness to it and not weigh the volume down. Shampooing after conditioner makes sure that all the chemicals and dirt from your hair is washed out and keeps your hair voluminised. Even if you suffer from really dry or frizzy hair especially at the length this isn’t going to bring any sort of problems to the existing one. Even if you apply the conditioner from root to bottom it won’t add any oiliness to your hair after shampooing which usually happens when you apply conditioner after shampooing your hair from root to bottom is makes your oily in a day or two much faster than they tend to oil. Oily hair also attracts dirt much faster leading to problems like dandruff, itchiness, hair loss, pre mature greying etc. This particular technique solves the entire problem and gives you hair the much healthier look and shine.

How to do Reverse Conditioning of hairs: rinse your hair and apply an adequate amount any conditioner you prefer using from root to bottom. Prefer to use lukewarm water because it’ll open your cuticles and provide extra nourishment. Let it sit for 5 minutes and for deep conditioning leave it for 10 minutes. Shampoo it afterwards concentrating mainly on your scalp and bringing the lather toward the length with normal or cold water to seal the cuticles. Pat your hair dry with a towel and you’re done!

Tip for Reverse Conditioning of Hairs: When shampooing, apply shampoo just on your scalp and never at the length. Work the lather on your scalp and bring it down towards the length to clean your hair thoroughly. Applying shampoo on the length, makes your hair more drier because due to the excess of shampoo.


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