Aluminium Foil Trick For Teeth Whitening

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There are various types of toothpaste available in the market for teeth whitening. But Here is the Fastest Trick for teeth Whitening. Carbamide peroxide in the toothpastes are responsible for cleaning the tooth enamel mechanically. Trick of Wrapping Teeths With Aluminium Foil is very effective and Even Some Dentists Recommend this.

Preparation of this homemade tooth paste with Aluminium Foil For Teeth Whitening

Take some baking soda and any toothpaste available at home, Just mix this with fingers and Apply this one Your Teeth. Now Wrap the aluminium foil around your teeth and Let the mixture in direct touch of the teeth. After 30 Minutes unwrap the Aluminium foil and Just Brush up your teeths. You will notice an amazing whitening in your teeth. For better results you can use this Trick twice a Week. But The Baking Soda used repeatedly over time can weaken tooth enamel, So Use this Trick Accordingly.
If You dont want to Use the Toothpaste in the mix then Just Mix Some baking Soda, Salt and Water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste and Wrap it up on teeth with Aluminium foil. This Teeth Whitening will work For You and Share it Friends too to help them. Bright Teeths enhance your Personality and Beauty, So Now Say Good Bye to Yellowish teeths. There are various Teeth Whitening Products Available in the market but this Process is the best for teeth whitening. Experience white and healthy teeth using Beautynama Trick with this inexpensive method.


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