Kyphosis Causes and treatment

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Kyphosis Causes and treatment

A hump is caused when the backbone becomes weak. Muscles of the neck and back become weak and stretch
after loosening while those of chest shrink and become small. In this case, the neck is bent forward and as a result body too appears to be bent forward. Back bone is also bent, the hip bone (pelvic) turns inward and knees bend forward. The feet turn toward outside.
The reasons for kyphosis are given here :-
a. Weak eyesight and loss of hearing.
b. Studying in dim light and bending forward while sitting.
c. Lack of proper furniture.
d. Weak muscles caused by lack of exercise.
e. Wearing ill fitting clothes.
f. Development of the body at uneven pace, i.e. either too fast or too slow.
g. Bending forward because of shyness in case of girls.
h. Too much bending forward while working.
i. Following professions like tailoring, carpentry and gardening etc. which involve forward bending of the
upper part of the body. Office clerks who lead a sedentary life sitting on the desk too can suffer from the
j. An accident or illness too can cause this deformity.
The following exercises are recommended for the treatment of kyphosis :-
a. Keeping the body straight while doing daily activities like walking, sitting and standing. The chin should be
up. The chest forward and the head straight.
b. While resting on the back of the chair the head should be bent back with the eyes looking straight forward.
The hands should hold each other at the back (interlocked) so that shoulders are pulled and drawn back.