Negative Effects of Drinking Water While Eating. Find Out Why

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Drinking water is good for our health but Not at all the times. Health experts even advise us to consume as much as water as we can because it can bring good health benefits to our body.Drinking an ice cold water while eating could be harmful to your body and Drinking too Much Water just after meal is Bad too. Cold water Drinking with meal is bad because it could constrict your blood vessels that will prevent your body in digesting the food. Also, cold water would solidify the fats that you have eaten and will then hard to digest too.
खाने के बाद पानी ज़हर है – Do Not Drink Water Immediately After Meal
Avoid Drinking too much water while eating Food. On other hand It is much advised to drink room temperature water while you eat your meal. As per the Dieticians, You are only advised to take small sips of water. The main purpose of water is to help push the food down to your digestive tract.