Smoking is injurious to health with Harmful Effects

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smoking health harmful effects

We Hope Every Smoker Knows About the Negative effects of smoking cigarettes. You Must know that smoking is the No. 1 cause of preventable death worldwide and It isnt shocking. After effects of smoking on the body makes heart disease, Lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and many other diseases.Nicotine from cigarettes makes a Smoker Addictive because it changes the brain. While Smoking our brain develops extra nicotine receptors to accommodate the large doses of nicotine from tobacco. In past Smoking was Considered as a masculine habit but now female smokers are even increasing day by day.

smoking health harmful effects

List of smoking effects on health

1. Brain Develops extra nicotine Receptors and When You Dont smoke then You feel anxious and irritable, This Effects Your Personal and proffesional Life.

2. Smoking reduces the oxygen supply inner ear organ (cochlea), Regular conditon may lead to mild to moderate hearing loss.

3. Nicotine from cigarettes is a danger for eyesight changes as it restricts the production of some necessary chemical and thus increases risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration.

4. With regular smoking blood flow in the body slows down and affect oxygen levels in the blood. With blockage to pump blood and narrowing down of Blood vessels it may lead to heart attack in smokers.

5. Every Smoker is under the risk of mouth and throat cancer. We generally know the effects of smoking on the lungs and Sometimes It leads to the lung cancer in the Smokers. Smoking causes inflammation in the small airways and tissues of your lungs. Quit Smoking to get healthy Lungs or You are Calling up a Serious Trouble like Respiratory infections, asthma and other respiratory disorders Ahead.

6. Every Puff of cigarette causes damages to the DNA and the Body cells can begin with no instructions ahead. This May lead to a cancer or tumor.

7. Tar in the cigarette leads to Yellowish teeths. Generally Bad breath Halitosis is the main problem of Smokers and Some want to Quit Smoking because of this Only.

8. Damage of Blood vessels, Lungs, Eyesight, DNA are the long term effects of smoking and thats Why We termed out Smoking is injurious to health.

9. Residue from the Tar in the smoke enters the digestive tract when we eat some food. In Smokers stomach produces more gastric juices because of this and damages the stomach lining.

10. SMOKING DURING PREGNANCY by a Female may affect the Baby’s Health and Increases the Chances of premature Delivery.

How to Quit Smoking
Some People Tries to Quit Smoking but the nicotine withdrawal isnot that Easy. As a Smoker You may feel anxious, irritable most of the times, and have strong cravings for nicotine. You have to COnsult the Doctor First and good Prescription drugs may help you quit smoking. There are no Concrete Medicines yet available in the market with 100% result but It all Depends on the Determination of the person Who Wants to Quit Smoking.After effects of smoking are serious and You must quit Smoking Before it harms nearly every organ of the body.


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