Symptoms of High Blood Sugar and How to Control it

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blood sugar level

Stress, poor diet,certain health conditions and use of certain medications can lead to High Blood Sugar Level. Sometime lack of physical activity Also Contribute to this. You Can Guess the High Blood Sugar Level With Some Body Symptoms and Try hard to Reduce it. For Human being Normal Blood Sugar level is between 70 and 99 mg/dL. Blood Sugar Level Differs From person to person and There are many Factors Contributing to it. For some people 60 is a normal Blood Sugar Level and for others 90. You Have to Consult With your Doctor to get Your Best level. You can Control blood sugar levels for before and after meals by Some Proper Following of things. You have to balance it after fasting, before exercise, and at bedtime too. When a healthy person has high blood sugar levels for a longer period of time then it may turn to diabetes. So Act Well in time to maintain the things and Get Best of health. Generally Diabetes is a metabolic disease with people of high blood sugar levels.
blood sugar level

Experts Say “Even when blood glucose levels are not high enough to warrant a diagnosis of diabetes, body can still suffer damage”. So Keep Things Under Control.

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar Level

  • Impotence
  • dry mouth
  • Frequent hunger
  • increase in thirst
  • Certain complications in stomach
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Wounds heal in More time
  • frequent urination problem
  • Concentration Decrease
  • Problems with nerve
  • blurred vision
  • weight gain
  • fatigue and infections

These Are general Symptoms and they Doesnt mean that you have diabetes or Some Serious health problem. These Symptoms just indicate that you have high blood sugar Levels.

20 to 30-minute Daily walk can bring about lower blood sugar levels for 24 hours. So You can Adapt a Diffrent Lifestyle to Maintain the Health. On other Side You Should Learn How to reduce Blood Sugar level with help of glycemic food. This Glycemic index measures how much carbohydrate contains in the food You eat. So you can eat certain Things at certain times to maintain the Healthy Blood Sugar level. You must engage Yourself in More Physical Activity to lower your blood glucose.Low-GI foods like Beans, Non-Starchy vegetables are less likely to increase blood sugar. So Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy.Dont Eat Junk or Processed Food, and Never Overeat.Brisk Walking, Biking, Swimming are the best Exercises to Control the Blood Sugar Levels in Daily Life. You Must learn How to control high blood sugar with diet. These Basic Tips Wil Surely Help You in Life to make Yourself Healthy. Beautynama is Working Continously For these Health Tips, So Show Your Love and Share this Article to Spread a Word About Us.


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