Tips to take care of tongue hygiene

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We’re all regularly washing our teeth, hair, face and other parts of our body, right? But the question is whether we wash our tongue regularly? Maybe?  This is not stable and so regular habit we perform.

In case it’s so, you’re making huge mistake. The tongue is an organ which is every day exposed to lots of factor to which we are subject of (either consciously or not), such as microorganisms entered with the food, drink, relicts of food, dead cells from the mouth or rot which is being created by all this.

How to protect your tongue

The tongue is much more subject to microorganisms compared to other parts of the human body which hygienic is regularly maintained by us.  The irregular tongue hygienic is one of the main reasons for bad smell (halitosis) since by decay of the bacteria and the fungus there are symptoms of uniting in the back part of the tongue.

The microorganisms that multiply and are being kept on warm and humid surface for the tongue are responsible 80 to 95 % of the infections on the respiratory tract. A lot of other health problems can be caused by this process such as cardiovascular diseases, digestion hardships, lung inflammation, increased risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, infertility, paradentosis and caries. In order to avoid these problems you need to introduce the practice of every-day tongue washing. From the tongue surface you must clean the accumulated bacteria, relicts of food, fungus and dead cells regularly, especially the first symptoms of cold or flu that spot is perfect one for the microorganisms, and this way you’ll disable their further multiply and reduce the symptoms of cold or even to stop them. How can you wash the tongue?

How to get a healthy tongue naturally

Damp the toothbrush, then damp it into baking soda and add some toothpaste. In case you’re not get used to this, you’ll get irritated from this process.  At the start until you get used to it clean the front part of the tongue, and then gradually go to the middle and the back side (as more thoroughly and deeply as you can take at the beginning).Healthy tongue has pink uniform color. It is recommendable for the tongue surface to be cleaned every day in the morning and in the evening. Tips for better tongue hygiene : Even though there are special brushes for this purpose, the toothbrush will do the job anyway.  In case it’s easier for you, then you can use tea spoon turned the other way by which you’ll mechanically rub the tongue. After the procedure you must wash the mouth with water many times, and strongly jumble too.


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