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sports benefits life

Games help a child to grow and develop physically. He becomes active and smart. During the physical activity of playing games the old cells are broken. To repair these cells, the heart has to beat faster and supply pure blood to them. In this process his respiration also improves and the lungs get more oxygen through better respiration. Lungs purify the blood and the health improves. The toxins are also expelled from the body with perspiration caused by activity in Sports. Thus the body systems becomes healthy and the body develops in a natural way. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

Emotional Development : Players lead an entirely different life from the common man. They are so enthusiastic about the game and are so busy playing that they forget all about everything else in life. Thus game helps them to be free of tensions of everyday life which is becoming complicated day by day. Besides, games train man to have good control over his emotions. Discipline in the playfield, teaches him to have full control over the expression of his emotions. He learns to control his emotions of fear, anger and anxiety.
Proper use of free time (leisure) : Every person, old or young has some leisure hours in his daily routine. If this time is not used properly, man is at the risk of falling into bad habits and bad company. It is rightly said “An idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop.” An idle man’s brain always thinks of some mischief or the other. So it is important that every person cultivates some or the other hobby and keeps himself busy in some useful
manner. Games are a creative way of recreation by which a child can develop a complete and ideal personality.
Obedience : Games teach a student to be obedient and respectful. Every student has to obey the rules of the game. Referees and umpires see to it that the rules are obeyed. They punish the players if they disobey the rules. This way the players learn to live in discipline and form the habit of obedience which enables them to stand in good stead in their future lives.
Punctuality : Games teach a man to be punctual. A player goes to play on time daily. He is scolded by his coach as well as captain, if he does not arrive punctually to play. Sometimes, the game already gets start before he reaches the ground and he has to sit for a long time outside the playground. A team is scratched from the tournament, if it does not reach on time and the opponent team is declared winner. In this way every player learns to be punctual in every sphere of life.
Co-ordination : In a team, when the members co-ordinate with each other the quality of co-operation among the team members is inculcated. In the games like football, basketball and hockey, no single player can win the match alone. He has to co-ordinate with others and give full co-operation to the team members in order to win the game. Thus the members of a team play together and learn the quality of co-ordination with each other, a quality which helps them to win the game.
Responsibility : Members of a team are given different duties in a game. Some are forward players, while others are back or half back players. Every player has to look after his side. This helps them learn the quality of sharing responsibility. This quality enables them to stand in good stead throughout their lives. Co-ordination among the team members helps them to do their duty well.
Tolerance : Games teach a person to be tolerant. In fact only a tolerant person can be a good player. He learns to be patient. He does not lose temper and maintains self control.He is neither overjoyed on winning a match, nor is he depressed when he loses the game. He has patience and is balanced enough to take victory or defeat in his stride. He plays the game for the sake of the game, and not for victory.
Determination : Games make a man determined. A determined player rarely loses a game and turns victorious in whatever he takes up in life. He does not lose heart even when the defeat stares him in the face and thus is able to win the game, more often than not. Such determined people don’t face disappointments in life.
Self-Confidence : Games teach a child to be self reliant and self confident. The praise earned by him when he plays well encourages him to be a good player by overcoming his drawbacks and he tries his best to be a good player. Thus quality of self-confidence, learnt in the playfield, helps him overcome many a problem in his life.
Playing a fair game : A good player plays a fair game without bothering about the victory or the defeat. Only a player of very low level plays foul. The real aim of games is to inculcate good habits among the children, as it is more important to participate in games than to win the game.
Spirit of Competition : Games create a spirit of competition among the children, which helps them improve themselves in whatever they do. They learn to face competition. They face opposition in the games which teaches them to face opposition in life. This training helps them do well in life.
Helping others : Since victory of the team is the victory of every member of the team, a member tries to be helpful to the other members of the team. This helps them play the game together