LetsShave Review and Comparison to other razors and Shaving product companies

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Letsshave.com partnered with dorco for online selling of shaving razors and more.Dorco has been manufacturing world’s finest blades since 1955. Now Letsshave is selling their products online in india too.


The Products available on Amazon.in and their own website letsshave.com

  1. LetsShave Trial Pack + Free (Shave foam + Travel cap and Stand)
  2. Dorco LetsShave Pace XL Pro – Pack of 4 Blades with Free Razor Handle
  3. LetsShave Women Face Razor ( Pack of 5) + Free 2 Pedi care
  4. Dorco LetsShave Pace 4 – Pack of 4 Blades with Free Razor Handle
  5. Dorco LetsShave Pace 3 Disposable Razor – Pack of 10
  6. LetsShave Premium Gift Set + FREE (Travel bag+Razor Stand+Razor cap)
  7. Dorco LetsShave Pace 6 Disposable Razor – Pack of 10
  8. Dorco LetsShave Pace 2 – 15 Blades with Free Razor Handle

We found none of their products available in Prime or Fulfilled by Amazon.




Letsshave.com product listing on Amazon.in


Consumer complaints and reviews about letsshave

We found some complaints about letsshave.com refund and delivery in india. None of the complaints were replied by the letsshave.com team in india. Most of the complaints are regarding delivery issues and delayed shipments.

Letsshave.com product reviews by Customers

There are many letsshave.com reviews available on Youtube, But you will get some real insights from the product reviews on amazon.in Here are Some Reviews An excellent razor, perfectly balanced and premium feeling. The blades are, however, a lot inferior to the Fusion in a few respects: 1.) No indicator strip : I normally dont bother with the indicator strip, but it helps me separate used blades. 2.) No rubber fins: All dorco products seem to have useless rubber fins. While the gilette ones have actual soft rubber fins, the dorco ones are hard rubber...they are merely decorative and dont actually serve a purpose. 3.) Less pivot : The razor pivots only halfway as compared to the fusion. 4.) Not great value for money : In India, Dorco's value for money proposition is weak, I can find fusion blades on offer quite often for the same price. Also, in which universe does "free Razor with blades" equates to a package which is ~300 costlier than just the blades.....if the extra amount isnt the razor charge, then what is it? Some People compare Letsshave.com Pace 6 plus V/s Gillette Fusion. But we think both companies have their own product with different specifications. So its not correct to compare them. If You are using the Letsshave.com products then let us know more about their offerings and reviews.


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