Skin Colour and Signs of Overall Health You Must Know

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skin colour health problems

Your Skin Spoke a Lot About Your health. Human skin is the biggest organ in the body and We Dont Consider Much about it. Our Skin has many important roles in Overall health and We Must Pay Attention to its Colour too. Our Skin Acts as a Shield and protects us from micro-organisms, protects the body from physical and chemical environmental factors, Regulates Body temperature. Our Skin contains receptors for pressure, pain, hot and cold, It is also a mirror of our health.Our Skin Changes colour with any pathological process happens inside body. You can find out Various Health issues by just looking at the Colour skin changes.

1. If You often get Red, itchy areas of skin after exposure to sunlight. You may have sun allergy which provokes immune response results in inflammation of exposed areas of the skin. On other Side You may have photosensitivity caused by some medication (warned to avoid exposure to sun) . Some antibiotics are photosensitive (doxicycline, thiazide diuretics, some antidepressants, etc.) and You must Avoid Sunlight If you are taking Any one of them.

2. If You Find Yellow Color of The Skin then it may be a sign of jaundice or any liver Disease. In Jaundice due to increased amount of bilirubin in the blood.

3. Exanthema are rashes which covers almost the entire Body skin. Exanthema can be caused by bacterial infections, viral or any allergic reaction to drugs. You must consult your Doctor on How to remove these rashes from the body.

4. Some People got small spots of bleeding known as purpura. These Spots appear right beneath the skin and can look like different nuances of purple. In most of the Cases Purpura appears due to fragile blood vessels in the skin which break under the pressure.

5. Skin Turned Blue Due to Bad Blood Circulation known as Cyanosis. In that area there is not enough oxygen in blood. This Situation Represents poor oxygenation of the blood and You must consult your Doctor on priorty.


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