Choose Bra According to Your Breasts: Different Types of Boobs

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As a Girl You always Want Your Boobs to be Beautiful and Comfortable Under Bra. There is Always Different Type Bra For Different Type of Breasts. So Dont Think There is only one pair of breasts and Same Bra’s Available Everywhere. There are large, little boobs and In total 7 Types are Mainly There. You must check Best Fitting Bras for Your Breast Type for atmost comfortability. According to the bra Manufacturers, girls have one of seven distinct sets of boobs and They Can Choose the product Accordingly. In this Article We will tell you How to Choose the Best Bra for Your Breasts.Boobs come in all shapes and sizes but Most of the People Live in a myth of only one kind of Bra and Boobs.In total There are 7 very different types of breasts and There’s a bra for each breast shape.

How to Choose a Bra

Firstly You must Choose the Bra According to the Size of Your Boobs. Then Secondly You must Check the Shape of your Breasts from the Seven of the Given Below.

Assymetric-boobs-Pad-Bra1. Assymetric Breasts

Most of the Females have one breast larger than the other one. Sometimes this difference is noticeable, A bra with Pads is the best Suited for this Shape of Boobs. You can pad up any difference in size by removing the padding on your larger side.


bell-shape-breasts2. Bell Shape Breasts

Mainly these type of breasts are narrower at the top than the bottom. For these Type of Boobs, Women need Full Coverage Bra Which Gives a Fair Lift to the boobs as they are fuller at the bottom than they are at the top. As a Female With Bell Shape Breasts You must try to avoid balconette bras.


east-west-breasts3. East West Breasts

As a Female if you find your Both breasts point out away from your torso then You have the East West Breasts Shape and You can notice a Major gap between the two. For East West Boobs Wearing a t-shirt bra is the best as it will helpout to push your breasts in slightly.


side-set-breasts4. Side Set Breasts

Wide Space in the Breasts Makes a Side Set Boobs. These Wide Set Boobs are little fuller in shape than East West category. If You have Side Set breasts then You must use plunge bras, which helps out to pull your breasts both up and in.


Slender-breasts5. Slender Breasts

These Type of breasts sit on the smaller end of the scale. Slender Breasts are generally longer than they are wide . So As a female with Slender boobs You need a Bra Which Covers breats wider at the top. You can use plunge bra as it will lift and centre your breasts.


tear-drop-breasts6. Tear Drop Breasts

Tear Drop boobs are rounded but slightly less full at the top. Plunge Style bra is the best for Tear Drops Breasts. . This is the most easygoing type of breast shape and Most of the Available bras Suit this Shape of Boobs.


round-breasts7. Round Breasts

These Type of Boobs are as equally full on the top as they are on the bottom. Females with Round Breasts Dont need Any particularly structured, padded bras, as the breasts are naturally Rounded and perfectly Structured. Balconnete Style Bra Well Suit Round Breasts.


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