Home Remedies To Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

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menstrual bleeding

Many females face excessive menstrual bleeding named in Medical as Menorrhagia.It is defined as excessively heavy or prolonged uterine bleeding with clots however with or with out menstrual cramps which will also be triggered with the aid of clinical issues or hormone imbalances.

Symptoms of Heavy menstrual bleeding : In case you require to vary sanitary safeguard greater than every one or two hours, or in case you are having a period spanning greater than seven days, it’s seemingly a case of irregular Heavy menstrual bleeding. If this excessive bleeding continues, it may possibly outcome in gigantic effects like anemia, fatigue and depressive mood.

Causes of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding : Heavy bleeding in periods is mostly prompted through a hormonal imbalance. Sometimes stress, eating regimen, excessive weight reduction or thyroid issues cause this trouble of Heavy Periods Bleeding.

Remedies for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Menorrhagia can be controlled with some basic home therapies and average remedies. Some natural remedies in heavy bleeding for the duration of menstrual intervals are listed here :
Ginger: Boil some ginger in water for a few minutes to get some relief and discontinue or minimize menstrual flow. The infusion can be sweetened with sugar or honey to make it extra palliative. The infusion of this ginger drink may also be taken as much as thrice daily to get the benefit.
Cinnamon: A tea ready by means of steeping one cinnamon stick in a cup of boiling water may be very robust residence remedy for stopping heavy periods.
Mustard seeds: Take forty grams of dried mustard seeds and grind them into powder. Take 2 grams of mustard seed powder with milk twice a day before or in the course of menstrual cycle to arrest immoderate bleeding.
Coriander seed: Boil 20 grams of coriander seed in 200 ml (two cups) of water. When the water is decreased to one quarter its common volume, enable it to cool earlier than taking it internally. This decoction is among the exceptional home treatments to stop heavy intervals and immoderate bleeding throughout the month-to-month cycle.
Thyme tea: Tea prepared with the aid of steeping 1 tablespoon thyme leaves in a cups of boiling water is the best home remedy in arresting immoderate menstrual bleeding for the duration of heavy periods.
Licorice: Take some quality licorice powder. Take 3 grams of this powder with water drained rice, three times day-to-day for 4-5 days. Licorice is very priceless in arresting immoderate bleeding periods.
Sacred Fig: Juice extract of smooth and recent leaves of sacred fig is amazing in stopping heavy periods. Sacred fig juice taken twice a day in the course of the menstrual cycle is an robust therapy for immoderate menstrual bleeding..
Omega -3 fatty acids: Consumption of fish oils and flaxseed oil which are wealthy in omega-three are potent in lowering excessive bleeding for the period of menstruation.
Bamboo leaf: This is a high-quality home healing for menstrual problems. Take decoction fabricated from some bamboo leaves for treating menstrual issues, This helps in regulating the menstrual cycle.
Magnesium rich meals: Researches have shown that deficiency of magnesium is a very usual element that results in profuse menstrual bleeding. Meals rich in magnesium like sesame seeds, water melon seeds, pumpkin have got to be included within the diet. Magnesium also helps in stopping menstrual bleeding.
Iron-rich food: Food rich in iron content like potatoes, molasses are priceless remedy for stopping heavy bleeding for the period of menstruation.
Jujube Tea: Tea prepared through boiling 20 grams of Jujube leaf with red dates helps cure functional deficiency of blood and could be very robust in stopping immoderate menstrual bleeding.

When to Consult Your Doctor in Heavy Menstrual Bleeding ?
If bleeding continues for 7 or more days.
If excessive bleeding is noticeable in all time of the day
If menstruation lasts for more than seven days
If you observe any irregular vaginal discharge
If excessive bleeding is accompanied by diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.
If you are anemic