what causes wrinkles on your face

In the modern world, complaints such as acne, premature wrinkles, aging spots, and skin markings are common, so common, in fact, that they are often thought to be part of the normal process of adolescence or of aging.

Of the many theories about why these conditions appear, none really explains what the underlying causes are or offers a simple. natural method to prevent them from occurring.

However, acne, wrinkles. and skin markings are primarily the result of our diet and lifestyle. Many of these markings show that something is out of balance in our internal condition.

Nothing occurs in isolation in the body, and when something appears on the sur- face, it is the result of something else that is taking place on the inside, Deep wrinkles offer a good example of this process. repeated consumption of cholesterol and saturated fat causes collagen, which is the protein found in the skin, to become hard and inflexible.

This makes the skin less resilient, and can cause lines or wrinkles to become deeply etched in the face. Unfortunately, however, instead of suggesting dietary change as a method to prevent or even reverse wrinkling, modern approaches, including cosmetic surgery, isolate the wrinkles and try to hide or cover them up, In one method, liquid silicone or collagen taken from the skin of cows is injected to puff up the skin around the wrinkle, thereby causing it to become less pronounced.

These methods are frequently used to cover up deep vertical lines between the eyebrows which are sometimes referred to as glabella, or as “scowl lines.” As we will see later, these lines appear as the result of trouble in the liver.

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Injecting bovine collagen or liquid silicone merely hides the wrinkles without dealing with the underlying problem in the liver or seeking to correct the case of the condition. Besides, these artificial substances disturb the flow of energy through the facial meridians and block the natural discharge function of the skin.

Why is it important to use a color harmony?

you need to understand more about how color harmony works. If you look carefully at lots of prints. plaids, and patterned fabrics, you will see that designers do indeed use color com-binations from the color wheel to create fabrics, and that they look spectacular.

A white dress colored with brush strokes of violet, orange, and green can be stunning, but you wouldn’t necess-arily wear a violet skirt. an orange sweater, and a green scarf around your neck.

The reason for this is that the complementary and triad color com-binations only point the way.

They get you to the right place on the color wheel to begin combining colors. From these, you must make your own decisions about how much of each color to wear.

You won’t always limit the combination of colors to those on the color wheel. There are almost unlimited tints, shades. and tones also waiting to be combined with one another.

Red, for examplei goes well with pink. Bright blue looks good with baby blue. But red doesn’t look good with mauve, and bright blue doesn’t look good with just any pale shade of blue, Muted or grayed blue. for example, looks awful with bright blue.

To understand which colors can be com-bined, you have to know a few basic theories about color harmony.

What are the dangers of eating processed foods?

Processed Foods

At one time, fresh, farm and garden grains, beans, vegetables. seasonal fruits, and other foods made up the mainstay of people’s diets.

For most people today, how- ever, these fresh, natural foods have been replaced by canned, frozen, refined, and processed versions.


Modern processed foods lack freshness, vitality, and life energy.

Eating them depletes the flow of energy in the body, contributes to a stale or wilted 100k. and makes it more difficult for some to appear fresh and vibrant.

Why do we avoid simple sugars?

Simple Sugars

Today, people eat a large volume of simple sugar (such as that in refined white sugar) and not enough complex carbohydrate, such as that in whole grains, beans, and fresh vegetables, Simple sugars are made up of loose or fragmented molecules of glucose and are more yin or expansive than complex casrbohydrates.


The glucose molecules in complex carbohydrates are tightly bound into long chains. Simple sugars are found in foods such as candy, chocolate, cookies, honey, maple syrup, orange juice, soda, and sweetened snack foods, They are also added to breads, cereals, salad dressings. and many other common foods so that it is possible to eat a large volume of simple sugar even when white sugar is eliminated from the diet.

Because of their molecular structure, simple sugars are rapidly absorbed by the body, causing the level of glucose in the blood to quickly rise. In response, the pancreas—the organ that regulates blood sugar—secretes insulin that allows excess sugar in the blood to be removed and enter the cells. This causes the blood sugar to drop, resulting in rapid fluctuations in metabolism—a sugar “high” followed rapidly by a drop in blood sugar and an inevitable “low.”

This extreme pattern eventually depletes the chakras, meridians, and cells, and can result in a “burnt-out” or fatigued appearance. Moreover, refined sugar is an extremely alkaloid substance.

It causes acid reactions in the body that deplete minerals from the blood, bones. and teeth. Simple sugars contribute to uneven coloring of the skin, and are a leading cause of red blotches caused by overexpansion of blood capillaries near the surface, as well as freckles and large brown “age spots.”

These markings are caused by the extremely expanding effects of simple sugars and the discharge of excess energy they contain. The depletion of calcuim and other minerals caused by simple sugars contributes to a loosening of the body’s tissues and to an overall puffiness and sagging of the skin.

Why I Would Never Envy Beautiful People Again


Remember. nobody’s perfect, so what’s there to worry about? That person you think has it all together probably has more insecurities than you, Being the best you can be is more than enough.


red rose on gray textile

At the end of the day, think of three things that you did well.


If someone hurls an insult your way, do you smile and walk away or let it ruin your day? Do you stand there dumbfounded reaching for words, or do you have a readied comeback: “l can’t believe you’d say something like that.” “Did those words really come out of your mouth?” Being extra nice is another sneaky attack.


Walk like a model by wearing a slightly raised heel. You’ll be more aware of the way you walk, and thatS instant attitude. Putting some strut in your walk makes your clothes instantly look better, Lean back ever so slightly, especially if you’re wearing pants. it gives you a runway swagger One foot goes in front of the other I train models to walk singing a tune in their heads.

woman in white vest and black bikini with hand on chest

This is how they find their groove and create their rhythm. You can do the same, but don’t overdo the catwalk style- A little goes a long way. SMILE Just doing it makes you happier and more con- fident.

Seeing your smile makes your attitude meter rise- USE YOUR VOICE The way you sound and the things you say are important parts of that total look, Your voice has power. You can give your voice the same attitude you give to the rest of your body.


Learn to speak from your diaphragm, not from your nose. When I became a broad- caster I had to learn to speak “deeper.” What that means is to speak from a deeper part of your body, not from your mouth. A tool used to get more range from singers is to yawn, which stretches out the throat and face muscles.


When you hear that voice in your head telling you that you’re not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough. shut it off. You deserve to tell yourself only things that will flatter and grow your heart and soul. Tell yourself that being healthy and strong is more important than hav- ing rock-hard abs,


You’ll see that the world is not made up of supermodels. Your friends will not win Miss Teen America. It will allow you to put everything into perspective and let you know that you fit right in. Your curves are functional. Your hips are meant to give birth to children, and your breasts were put there to feed them. When you look in those magazines don’t forget that those models are air-brushed and computer-enhanced.

What is the source of radiant natural beauty?

Radiant Health and Beauty

What is the source of radiant natural beauty?

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There are two huge streams of energy in our environment.

One is comprised of vast currents that stream in toward the earth from space. We call this stream heaven’s force. Because it moves in a downward or inward direction, we classify it as more yang.

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The other is made up of powerful currents that move outward from the earth toward space. We call it earth’s force and classify it as more yin due to its expand- ing nature.

These forces make up the invisible energy blueprint within which the human body takes shape, and constantly charge it with life energy, Ultimately, then, heaven and earth are the source of radiant health and beauty. Heaven’s force enters at the hair spiral on the top of the head. It passes down through the center of the body and exits in the region of the sexual organs. Mean- while, earth’s force is continuously flowing into the region of the sexual organs. It moves upward and exits through the hair spiral.

These upward and downward currents run along a central line of energy. This central channel carries the primary charge that creates “aliveness” and supplies every cell with the energy needed for life.

At certain places along this central line, heaven’s and earth’s forces intersect and create highly charged spirals. Five spirals arise within the body, and when counted along with the two areas where heaven’s and eartlfs forces enter and leave the body, produce a total of seven highly charged regions. In ancient India, these highly charged centers were named chakras, or “spiral wheels” of energy.

The chakras feed energy to the entire body. They supply it to organs, glands, and systems deep within the body, as well as to the skin, hair, and nails at the periphery,

How does unhealthy lifestyle affect the skin?

HOW Food Affects Our Appearance

As you will discover in post, diet has a direct influence on the way we look, and eating well provides the foundation for natural health and beauty. we show how diet and lifestyle influence our appearance by examining their effect on the skin, hair, nails. and facial features.

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We will also see how living and eating well can help restore the body to a naturally healthy and beautiful condition. Increasingly, the connection between diet, health, and appearance is gaining recognition among doctors. nutritionists, and researchers.

Of course, the relation- ship between a diet high in fat, sugar, and processed foods and overweight (which for many is the number one obstacle to looking and feeling good) is a matter of common sense.

However; researchers have started to link problems such as acne with a diet high in fat and protein (such as the modern diet), and are recommend- ing dietary change in the direction of macrobiotics as a possible method for pre- venting and improving the condition.

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Writing in Your Skin. dermatologist Fredric Haberman, M.D. states, “The link between acne and your overall diet is not necessarily farfetched. Scientists have already demonstrated the role of diet in a more serious disease, breast cancer. (This too tends to be far more prevalent in countries with high-fat, high-protein, and refined-food diets.) Of course, until all the evidence is in, the best policy is still moderation.

The recently established U.S. Dietary Goals are probably the most sensible and well-justified guidelines to date.” Like the guidelines of macrobiotics, Dietary Goals for the United Stares (released in 1977 by the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs) recommended increasing the intake of complex carbohydrates. including whole grains, beans. and fresh, local vegetables, and decreasing the intake of saturated and unsaturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and refined sugar.

Diet influences appearance in two important ways. It creates our basic constitu- tion, including the facial features. body type. skin pigmentation, and hair color that we are born with, and influences our day-to-day health and condition. Your con- stitution is like the foundation of a house, and is determined largely by your mother’s diet and daily life during the time she was pregnant with your The way you ate while growing up also plays a role in forming your basic constitution.

Your condition is like the decoration and furnishings ofa house and is created largely by the influence or your recent diet and lifestyle.

Health and Beauty are not synonymous

Health and Beauty are not synonymous, to be sure, but so closely are they connected that a discussion of the one cannot be complete without mention of the other. Health is, assuredly, the foundation of beauty, and, except for the fea- tures, no part of the body can be really beautiful unless it is healthy. Skin, hair, figure—these may make or mar a person’s looks, even though the features may be classic in their beauty. And no one can have a beautiful skin, glowing with natural color, or luxuriant, glossy hair, or a trim, well-developed figure, unless she has health.

Every child is brought into the world with a right to be healthy, and every baby girl with an equal right to be beautiful, inasmuch as beauty is the age-old attribute of woman,a right expected and demanded of them by man. It is scarcely fair that man should expect so much, and yet be the first to criti-cise the woman who deliberately cultivates beauty. Our man-made code of morals connects beauty with sex, and our woman•made code of morals regards sex with a certain shrinking, as if itwere not an innate truth of our being, but rather a distortion of the truth. If the question of sex were faced squarely, and the rela-tion of beauty to sex recognized in its true value, there would be
happier marriages.

Caucasian female customer lying in a beauty salon with cucumber slices on her eyes. Beauty treatment facial at beauty salon.

A woman preserves her beauty until after marriage—or per-haps Nature preserves it for her during her youth; then she feels that she need exert her charms no longer, she allows herself to get careless about the care of her skin, her hair, her hands, her figure,she spends less thought on her clothes, she becomes the slave of her household. For a time, her husband may not notice this.

Then, probably as the result of meeting other women who havecontinued to cultivate beauty, the realization comes to him with a sudden shock, he does not appreciate the fact that it is in sacri- ficing herself to his demands that his wife has let her youth and beauty go from her, and he turns to other women for what his wife cannot supply. It is unfair; but it is unnecessary.

In the long run, it is sacrificing the home and the children more disastrously, and more lastingly, than giving some time each day would have been throughout the years when beauty was still within her grasp.

Intellectual women are beginning to realize this fact and to study how to keep their youth and beauty, how to improve upon what Nature has endowed them with, and how to fill in the deficiencies. This is no longer considered a sign of moral depravity, a thing to be concealed, but it is recognized as a right. To this end, it is essential that women should know the facts that make for beauty, and not try out the unauthenticated remedies of quacks and ama- teur beauty columnists. And the fundamental fact is Health.


The rules of health should be taught in early childhood. Fortunately, the educational institutions are beginning to incor- porate health and hygiene instruction in their curricula, and the most important facts of healthy living are taught to children from the primary grades up. Instruction is given on such fundamental things as the care of the teeth, the care of the eyes, the importance of right posture, the necessity of regular exercise, the need of sys- tematic eating and noteating between meals, a certain amount of sex hygiene, and so on. Unfortunately, many of these children come from and return to homes where the simplest rules of health are ignored, and the school instruction is ignored.

On the other hand, many of the children of foreign-born parents are teaching their parents, and gradually helping to bring them to an apprecia- tion of the value of healthful living as a means to greater effi- ciency. The public will be educated by slow degrees, but they will be educated eventually. Meantime, it is amazing how many peo- ple do not know the simplest laws of right living.