What is the source of radiant natural beauty?

Radiant Health and Beauty

What is the source of radiant natural beauty?

There are two huge streams of energy in our environment.

One is comprised of vast currents that stream in toward the earth from space. We call this stream heaven’s force. Because it moves in a downward or inward direction, we classify it as more yang.

The other is made up of powerful currents that move outward from the earth toward space. We call it earth’s force and classify it as more yin due to its expand- ing nature.

These forces make up the invisible energy blueprint within which the human body takes shape, and constantly charge it with life energy, Ultimately, then, heaven and earth are the source of radiant health and beauty. Heaven’s force enters at the hair spiral on the top of the head. It passes down through the center of the body and exits in the region of the sexual organs. Mean- while, earth’s force is continuously flowing into the region of the sexual organs. It moves upward and exits through the hair spiral.

These upward and downward currents run along a central line of energy. This central channel carries the primary charge that creates “aliveness” and supplies every cell with the energy needed for life.

At certain places along this central line, heaven’s and earth’s forces intersect and create highly charged spirals. Five spirals arise within the body, and when counted along with the two areas where heaven’s and eartlfs forces enter and leave the body, produce a total of seven highly charged regions. In ancient India, these highly charged centers were named chakras, or “spiral wheels” of energy.

The chakras feed energy to the entire body. They supply it to organs, glands, and systems deep within the body, as well as to the skin, hair, and nails at the periphery,

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