Why do we avoid simple sugars?

Simple Sugars

Today, people eat a large volume of simple sugar (such as that in refined white sugar) and not enough complex carbohydrate, such as that in whole grains, beans, and fresh vegetables, Simple sugars are made up of loose or fragmented molecules of glucose and are more yin or expansive than complex casrbohydrates.

The glucose molecules in complex carbohydrates are tightly bound into long chains. Simple sugars are found in foods such as candy, chocolate, cookies, honey, maple syrup, orange juice, soda, and sweetened snack foods, They are also added to breads, cereals, salad dressings. and many other common foods so that it is possible to eat a large volume of simple sugar even when white sugar is eliminated from the diet.

Because of their molecular structure, simple sugars are rapidly absorbed by the body, causing the level of glucose in the blood to quickly rise. In response, the pancreas—the organ that regulates blood sugar—secretes insulin that allows excess sugar in the blood to be removed and enter the cells. This causes the blood sugar to drop, resulting in rapid fluctuations in metabolism—a sugar “high” followed rapidly by a drop in blood sugar and an inevitable “low.”

This extreme pattern eventually depletes the chakras, meridians, and cells, and can result in a “burnt-out” or fatigued appearance. Moreover, refined sugar is an extremely alkaloid substance.

It causes acid reactions in the body that deplete minerals from the blood, bones. and teeth. Simple sugars contribute to uneven coloring of the skin, and are a leading cause of red blotches caused by overexpansion of blood capillaries near the surface, as well as freckles and large brown “age spots.”

These markings are caused by the extremely expanding effects of simple sugars and the discharge of excess energy they contain. The depletion of calcuim and other minerals caused by simple sugars contributes to a loosening of the body’s tissues and to an overall puffiness and sagging of the skin.

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