Why I Would Never Envy Beautiful People Again


Remember. nobody’s perfect, so what’s there to worry about? That person you think has it all together probably has more insecurities than you, Being the best you can be is more than enough.


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At the end of the day, think of three things that you did well.


If someone hurls an insult your way, do you smile and walk away or let it ruin your day? Do you stand there dumbfounded reaching for words, or do you have a readied comeback: “l can’t believe you’d say something like that.” “Did those words really come out of your mouth?” Being extra nice is another sneaky attack.


Walk like a model by wearing a slightly raised heel. You’ll be more aware of the way you walk, and thatS instant attitude. Putting some strut in your walk makes your clothes instantly look better, Lean back ever so slightly, especially if you’re wearing pants. it gives you a runway swagger One foot goes in front of the other I train models to walk singing a tune in their heads.

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This is how they find their groove and create their rhythm. You can do the same, but don’t overdo the catwalk style- A little goes a long way. SMILE Just doing it makes you happier and more con- fident.

Seeing your smile makes your attitude meter rise- USE YOUR VOICE The way you sound and the things you say are important parts of that total look, Your voice has power. You can give your voice the same attitude you give to the rest of your body.


Learn to speak from your diaphragm, not from your nose. When I became a broad- caster I had to learn to speak “deeper.” What that means is to speak from a deeper part of your body, not from your mouth. A tool used to get more range from singers is to yawn, which stretches out the throat and face muscles.


When you hear that voice in your head telling you that you’re not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough. shut it off. You deserve to tell yourself only things that will flatter and grow your heart and soul. Tell yourself that being healthy and strong is more important than hav- ing rock-hard abs,


You’ll see that the world is not made up of supermodels. Your friends will not win Miss Teen America. It will allow you to put everything into perspective and let you know that you fit right in. Your curves are functional. Your hips are meant to give birth to children, and your breasts were put there to feed them. When you look in those magazines don’t forget that those models are air-brushed and computer-enhanced.

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