Why is it important to use a color harmony?

you need to understand more about how color harmony works. If you look carefully at lots of prints. plaids, and patterned fabrics, you will see that designers do indeed use color com-binations from the color wheel to create fabrics, and that they look spectacular.

A white dress colored with brush strokes of violet, orange, and green can be stunning, but you wouldn’t necess-arily wear a violet skirt. an orange sweater, and a green scarf around your neck.

The reason for this is that the complementary and triad color com-binations only point the way.

They get you to the right place on the color wheel to begin combining colors. From these, you must make your own decisions about how much of each color to wear.

You won’t always limit the combination of colors to those on the color wheel. There are almost unlimited tints, shades. and tones also waiting to be combined with one another.

Red, for examplei goes well with pink. Bright blue looks good with baby blue. But red doesn’t look good with mauve, and bright blue doesn’t look good with just any pale shade of blue, Muted or grayed blue. for example, looks awful with bright blue.

To understand which colors can be com-bined, you have to know a few basic theories about color harmony.

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